What Can Aaron Do?

You probably don't want all the details now, you can get those when you talk to Aaron about your project or bring him in for an interview. What you need now are the pertinent facts. You can also take a gander at Aaron's Resume (in .doc, .pdf or .txt format).

Things Aaron can work magic with: Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Acrobat, html, css, writing (they don't give out English degrees just for speaking the language, you know), design principles, quotes from Scooby Doo, The Wire, Chuck, The Godfather and more!

Things Aaron knows well: Final Cut Pro Suite, browser compatibility, tech support, hair metal trivia, TV and movie facts and quotes for $1000 please Alex, Mac, Windows, usability, color theory, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Learning Management Systems (Desire2Learn, Blackboard, WebCT, eCollege, moodle), Captivate, higher ed (both for profit and public)

Things Aaron can work with: javascript, ajax, iTunesU, Flash, Fireworks, Premiere, After Effects

Things Aaron will probably never know: nuclear physics, why people say "nucular"


"Aaron is an outstanding mix of artist and techie. He's extremely talented on many levels. Aaron Leonard is detail-oriented and consistent." Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative -Trisha Ventker

"Aaron is a talented professional who really knows his stuff - very innovative and technically astute. Overall, a top-notch graphic designer.” -Kim Sager

“Aaron is a terrific designer and instructor. In my experience, Aaron was always the first to start and always the last person to stop because he never hesitated to go the extra mile. Aaron is conscientious and diligent and is an asset to any organization.” -Seth Balogh