Rental Information for Non-Members

The Community Room:

  • Set up to comfortably seat 48 people./75 PEOPLE MAXIMUM STANDING ROOM ONLY
  • $400 security deposit**
  • $125 for first two hours
  • $65 per hour for any portion of an hour thereafter.

The Board Room:

  • Set up to comfortably seat 24 people./ 30 PEOPLE MAXIMUM
  • $200 security deposit**
  • $75 for first two hours
  • $35 per hour for any portion of an hour thereafter

The Outdoor Pavilion:

  • Set up to comfortably seat 30 people.
  • $100 security deposit**
  • $55 for the first two hours
  • $25 for any portion of an hour thereafter
  • Six hour maximum.

To check availability, view the Rental Calendar.

Please click here to request a reservation.

The following applies to room rentals:


  • Due to increased traffic during the summer months, non-resident room rentals will only be accommodated September 15th through May 15th.


  • Non-residents may only reserve the facility within 30 days of said rental.
  • In order to rent the Community Room, Board Room and Outdoor pavilion fill out the TOP portion only of our use agreement and bring it in to the community center. A security deposit and full payment of the rental must be received. If rental is cancelled we reserve the right to with hold the pre payment of the rental.


  • We do not pencil in dates.
  • Renters are allowed two rentals per calendar year.
  • The renter only gets exclusive use of the area they reserve.
  • All rentals are on a first come first serve basis.
  • Rentals are subject to availability and black out dates due to Vista Ridge HOA Community Center events.
  • The persons who rent out a room must be present for the entire duration of the rental.
  • Rentals are not allowed at the skyline pool facility.
  • Rentals that occur outside of normal operating hours will be subject to a $17.00 an hour fee. This fee is in addition to regular rental prices. Rentals outside of operating hours must be booked 30 days in advance.

**The security deposit will be returned to the party reserving the facility upon completion of the event and inspection of the facility by the Community Center Director.